Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Team Emerge and the CBBF 2013 National Figure and Bikini Championships

This past weekend was the CBBF Nationals and Team Emerge members Emily Zelinka and Emilee Farmer were both bringing their personal best packages to Vancouver. Emily Z was competing once again in Figure and Emilee F was competing for her first time at Nationals in Bikini. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the show as I had Head Judge commitments at the Fitness STAR World Championships at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre but was never far from my iphone to receive updates via text.

So how did it go for Team Emerge? Lets start with Emilee and her first time on the National stage. I was receiving texts regarding nerves early in the day, obviously this is normal for anyone competing let alone competing for the first time at Nationals. I was hoping that both girls would be able to meet up with one another at the event to support each other physically and emotionally but sadly the categories were divided in such a way that this wasnt possible. I assured Emilee that her nerves were normal and to focus on what we have worked on in the studio and walk out and own that stage.

After Emilee came off stage she messaged me to inform me that she wasnt in the first call out and that she thinks she made errors in her presentation and posing. Again, first time out on a big stage little mistakes can happen and this is why I HATE not being able to be with my competitors before they go on stage to go over everything again. Anyway, not being in the first call out doesnt always mean a bad placing but it doesnt do anything to instill confidence either. I told Emilee to stay focused and positive and we will see what happens later in the evening.

Now to Emily Z, she contacted me in the morning feeling very positive, happy with how she looked and felt. For Emily this is almost second nature as she has stepped on this stage and dominated many times before. She was looking forward to getting on stage and showing off her post baby body, which funny enough was the best her body ever looked.

When Emily came off stage she informed me that she was in the first call out and if she was to guess she figured she was in 1st or 2nd place. Again, you never know what your position on stage in pre judging means but with Emily's experience on stage if she feels she is in the top two she probably is and that’s enough for me to be excited.

The Results

As it turned out Emilee F not being in the first call out did prevent her from breaking the top 5. She ended up placing 8th out of 18 competitors which is great for anyone to break the top 10 first time out, especially at 21 years old and having only a couple shows under her belt before heading to Nationals. Obviously she wasnt happy with the placing and I dont blame her but she brought the best physique she ever has to the stage and that is the main goal from there its up to the judges and whatever they are looking for that day. From the pictures I have seen of Emilee on stage I think she looked great and has so much potential to compete in high level bikini and fitness model competitions.

Now back to Emily Z, when the awards were being presented her hunch about placing first or second was correct. Emily ended up placing first in her class and headed off to face the rest of the class winners for the overall. She has been in this position before and the result was not what we had hoped for but this time was different. Emily ended up not only winning her class but also winning the overall and FINALLY being presented with something that should have been hers years ago, an IFBB Pro card!! Needless to say there are many people other than myself that are super proud of Emily and pumped about her becoming a pro. I cant wait to see how she does on the Pro stage in the future, what a great story she has earning her pro status only months after giving birth! She is an inspiration and I am so happy that we started working together, she has come a looooooooong way since I gave her my honest opinion on the package she brought to the stage at the North American Championships years ago. She has blossomed into the best of the best on stage and no one deserves it like she does:)

That's it for now, next step for Team Emerge is on September 14th at the OPA Natural Provincial Championships where Team Emerge member Ally will be competing to earn her place on the National stage. Stay tuned.


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