Sunday, June 2, 2013

The 2013 Oxygen/MuscleMag Fitness/Bikini Model Search

This weekend at the Toronto Pro Show in the Metro Toronto Convention Center there were many events going on to entertain any fan of the fitness world. I however was there for one reason, to watch Team Emerge members Ally and Emilee compete in the Oxygen Fitness Model and MuscleMag Bikini Model Search respectfully. Ally is just coming off of her second place finish at the OPA show in London and this would be the first time on stage for Emilee since her second place finish at last years OPA Provincial Championships.

Since Ally wasn’t able to compete this weekend in the Open Provincial Championships she decided to do the Oxygen Fitness Model Search as the competition bug has clearly bitten her after her last show. Funny how a great showing and lots of props from people can make someone want to compete again;) Emilee wanted to do the MuscleMag Bikini Model Search just to get back on stage again before she heads to Vancouver in August to compete at Nationals.
Ally had the largest amount of competition in the Oxygen Model Search, they split the women into a short and tall class. Ally was in the short class (25 competitors), and as far as I was concerned only had one person to worry about in that class. The thing with competitions like this is that there is no standard, there is no specific look that is posted that they are looking for so you don’t know if your client should be leaner, softer, more muscled or less. They are a crap shoot and often judged by editors, photographers and other random people, not actual fitness industry judges. Needless to say that the judging is very subjective, therefor I tell any of my clients competing in such a show “do it for fun” because we have no idea what they are looking for.
Anyway, Ally rocked the stage and was a real stand out. When comparing her to the other girls in her round it was clear that she had the best overall physique and condition, again not necessarily what the judges are looking for. When they called all the competitors on stage at the end of her round they made their top 5 call out, Ally was the first person they called. Right beside her was the one other girl I thought had the best chance besides Ally to win. But bottom line, getting the first call out was the best she could do for the day as the results weren’t going to be given until Sunday.
Next up was Emilee and the MuscleMag Bikini Model Competition, her category was not as large as Allys and short and tall competitors were all grouped together. Watching each person come out is always interesting at show, I (as a judge for Fitness STAR International) tend to look for physique and presentation flaws in everyone, including my own clients. When Emilee walked on stage it was like the competition went to a whole other level. Since Emilee is aiming for Nationals mid August she was not in typical competition shape, she still has a few pounds of fat to drop before Nationals but we thought that for this competition her softer look might work in her favour.

Once Emilee's class was finished I had seen some competitors that were extremely soft to ripped to shreds. Again, not knowing what the exact look is that the judges are looking for the physiques were all over the place. When it came time to call the first call out once again Team Emerge was standing there, Emilee also made the first call out. Her group was a mixed grab bag of soft and extremely hard physiques, therefor I compared her to the other softer girls. Out of the softer girls in the first call out she had the nicer overall look, Emilee most definitely blew away every other girl on stage with her back pose and looked great from the front too.
After the judging was over Ally, Emilee and I met for a little pow wow. Basically I told them how i felt they did and what we need to work on for the next show (not much luckily). It was nice to see an “Emilee Fan” request a photo with her and of course she dropped her dress to reveal her bikini body again for his picture, such a gracious girl;) At that point we went our separate ways and I wished them both luck for the awards ceremony on Sunday which I unfortunately wouldn't be able to attend.

The results are in and as expected they are good. Ally came in second overall in the Oxygen Fitness Model Search and Emilee came in first in the MuscleMag Bikini Model Search!! Both girls did an amazing job on stage and even though they both had different looks they clearly had looks that the judges couldn’t overlook. On to bigger and badder competitions with a little bit more air in everyone’s tires. Look for even more improved performances the next time they step on stage, sure glad I chose both these girls to be sponsored they are doing exactly how I expected;)


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