Friday, March 29, 2013

Exciting new additions to the Team and Sponsorships

I am proud to announce both a new Team Emerge member and a fitness industry internet phenom we will be working with.

First I would like to welcome Fitness STAR pro Kerry Mcnie to the team.  I will be working with Kerry to her body to the next level to get her ready for the Fitness STAR World Championships as well as get her ready to compete in the OPA.  Stay tuned for what I know will be an amazing transformation!

Secondly I would like to announce that I will be working with fitness internet powerhouse and The Daily Hiit.  I will be helping on air personalities get into even better shape as well as becoming their resource for information on nutrition and training.

Go to their website, facebook and Youtube page and check them out! With over 600,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel and over 600,000,000 (thats right, six hundred million) views they are obviously doing something right! BodyRockTv will also be sponsoring Team Emerge providing team attire for both competitions and the gym.

Keep checking back for more exciting news and updates on how the new team members are coming along.


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